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At Rohling, we believe…

Sustained growth and remarkable results are only achieved when we pull together and work as a team. Problems can’t be solved from the outside looking in. We must root ourselves into the team to fully uncover the insights that allow us to bring solutions to the table.

Most businesses today have focused too much energy on metrics, numbers and ROI and have lost sight of what can make them truly profitable and successful — people and a positive, caring culture. We can instill the values of care, service and support into the leadership team, which will unite the entire organization from top to bottom.  


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Tim is an insightful leader with a talent for creating harmony between a team and a strategy. I value the time spent working with him and learning from him.
— Matthew Hawley, Sales Representative, Stigler Supply Co.
His natural ability to personally develop his sales team and grow the business is represented by the company’s success today. The culture he has created with his sales team is built on trust, care and confidence.
— Tina Taylor, President, HR Elements
Tim was instrumental in developing our current sales process and creating systems to achieve goals. He is a driven and passionate advocate for improvement and positive change. Tim is also highly organized, disciplined and results oriented. I would strongly recommend him for your organization.
— Amanda Shults - President, RiskSOURCE


About Tim Rohling

Tim is a strategic leader with proven results over his 20 year career. Roles Tim has excelled in include Field Sales, Sales Management, Ownership and Executive Leadership. People who have worked with Tim have described him as a compassionate, energetic, results-driven thought leader. Helping businesses achieve humanity-driven results is his calling—it’s not a “job.” Tim is a loving husband to Tricia Rohling and proud father of their three children.


Tim established the Tim and Tricia Rohling Family Spark Grant in Spine Health through the Mayfield Education & Research Foundation. The grant will receive a portion of profits from Rohling Growth, LLC to provide seed funding to a researcher looking to improve the treatment of spinal disorders.