with The HUMAN Framework for Business Growth

At ROHLING, we believe that the heart of success lives in a commitment to the ultimate competitive advantage for business growth that blends business science with human-centric leadership: The HUMAN Framework for Business Growth.
After spending 26 years collaborating with diverse businesses and cultures, I crafted the HUMAN framework for fostering business growth—a seamless integration of business strategies and human-centric leadership. My journey through roles in engineering, sales and marketing, executive leadership, volunteerism, and life at large illuminated the importance of a framework that incorporates clarity, measurement, and a human-centric approach to success. I'm eager to infuse your organization with the same passion and expertise to realize sustained results.
Industries Served: Healthcare, Medical Services, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Legal, Accounting, Financial, Design, IT, SaaS, Insurance, Construction and more. 

The HUMAN Framework

for Business Growth

A professional framework for leadership that seamlessly integrates business science with human-centric methods, driving sustainable business growth. The ultimate competitive advantage for business growth.

Health Review

Assessing Your Growth Ecosystem for Integrated Marketing

To foster sustainable growth within your organization, conducting a comprehensive Health Review is vital. This entails evaluating critical aspects of your current state dynamics, encompassing growth processes, team dynamics, performance metrics, individual competencies, and your organizational foundation. Mapping out future goals (utopia) that align with your vision and strategy is critical for long-term success. Integrated marketing plays a pivotal role in this assessment, ensuring seamless alignment with your overall goals. This holistic approach to Health Review is indispensable for crafting a strategic blueprint that empowers your organization to thrive and progress sustainably in a dynamic and competitive environment.

  • Growth Processes
  • Team Dynamics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Individual Competencies
  • Map Your Desired State
  • Intelligent CRM's
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • marketing automation
  • market trends
  • optimize strategies

Uncover Insights

Leveraging Data for Informed Decision-Making

and Brand Realization

Unlocking insights through data is fundamental for informed decision-making and achieving brand realization. This process relies on strategic use of intelligent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools. By harnessing data from marketing automation and comprehending market trends, prospect, and customer behaviors, you can gain predictive insights into your growth performance. This knowledge enables precise strategy refinement and data-driven decisions, enhancing operational efficiency. In today's dynamic business landscape, uncovering these insights is pivotal to staying competitive and responsive, ultimately helping your brand realize its full potential and thrive in the market.

Maximize Relationships

Cultivating a Customer-Centric Culture for Marketing & Sales Pipeline Expansion

Cultivating a customer-centric culture in marketing and sales pipeline expansion entails nurturing relationships through tailored solutions and resonant messaging. It's about fostering trust and loyalty, which form the bedrock for repeat business and passionate brand advocates. This approach goes beyond mere transactions; it emphasizes the creation of meaningful and enduring connections with customers, prospects, and internal team members. The ultimate goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships that not only benefit the customer but also fortify the organization's position in the market.

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Messaging
  • Relationship Strategies
  • Tone
  • Build Trust & Loyalty
  • Build Advocacy
  • key performance indicators (kpi's)
  • feedback 
  • positive coaching
  • mentoring
  • personal & professional goal check-in's

Achieve Clarity

Setting Clear Goals for Customer & Team Advocacy

Achieving success relies on the foundation of clear goals and expectations. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) serve as benchmarks for progress, complemented by regular feedback and positive coaching to fuel improvement. Mentorship opportunities further facilitate personal and professional growth, while regular goal check-ins ensure alignment and development. The core principle is to empower individuals by helping them comprehend their objectives and providing the necessary support for attainment. When goals and expectations are transparent, it not only fosters individual growth but also cultivates a harmonious and productive environment, where everyone shares a common understanding of what success means and actively works towards it.

Nuture Growth

Foster a Culture of Continuous Learning & Development 

for Team Collaboration

To nurture growth and enhance team collaboration, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development is paramount. This involves embracing technological advancements, providing thorough training programs, and offering effective coaching. By encouraging creativity and ensuring consistent messaging throughout the organization, an environment conducive to ongoing skill and knowledge improvement is cultivated. Investing in the empowerment of your team not only benefits individual growth but also positions the organization for long-term success in a constantly evolving world.

  • Technology & Innovation
  • Evergreen Training
  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Embrace Creativity
  • Align Messaging
  • Knowledge & Skill Building

Complimentary Growth

Process Review

See if you qualify for a complimentary growth process review.

Trusted by:

John Fireovid

Fulcrum Lifting President


ROHLING has propelled our TEAM forward by identifying and executing process improvements that attack our company's initiatives.  Tim's work with the Management and Sales TEAMs has been direct and growth-oriented.  Our staff has enjoyed working with ROHLING, they brought value every step of the way.

Michael Long

LongSchaefer (

Managing Partner

ROHLING helped us identify areas of weakness in our Sales Management and marketing strategy and educated us on how to utilize technology to get our message out to a new audience.  Having a measured approach to keep moving forward and accountable with our growth processes (even while dealing with a pandemic) with Tim’s assistance is of great value and we appreciate the efforts.

Aaron Stapleton

Trinity In-Home Care

Founder & CEO

ROHLING was been a vital piece of our growth in 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, ROHLNG helped Trinity In-Home Care its reach and expand its thoughts on what marketing could be. Over the course of 6 months, ROHLING was able to completely refocus our marketing strategy and get our name out to the community in a way we had not been able to do in 9 years.