Future-Proof Your Business

Increase marketing and sales ROI by building a custom model that thrives well into the future.

ROHLING offers fractional business growth leadership to drive growth and innovation while maintaining operational flexibility. This approach delivers critical insights, innovative strategies, and hands-on guidance without the long-term commitment or overhead costs of full-time roles, empowering businesses to achieve sustainable growth and a competitive edge.

Achievements By The Numbers

Customers served!


Years of experience

Businesses Served

Customers served!


Years of experience

Transformed a family-owned business with 3X self-funded growth over 12 years

Customers served!


Years of experience

Collaborated for 20% growth of a 50-person manufacturing business in 1 year

By blending metrics with human-centric leadership I swiftly assess and capitalize on current opportunities, optimize current resources, and pinpoint areas with the highest return on investment for growth and efficiency gains. I do this hands-on, leading the transformation, expanding processes, and aligning teams.

  • Win more with cost effective leadership
  • Leverage expertise & experience
  • Utilize demand based flexibility & scalability 
  • Gain immediate impact
  • Benefit from an objective perspective

HUMAN Framework for Business Growth

Scaling Requires Science & Human-Centric Leadership

ROHLING Integrating Metrics & Values

John Fireovid

Fulcrum Lifting President


ROHLING has propelled our TEAM forward by identifying and executing process improvements that attack our company's initiatives.  Tim's work with the Management and Sales TEAMs has been direct and growth-oriented.  Our staff has enjoyed working with ROHLING, they brought value every step of the way.

Michael Long

LongSchaefer (www.LSC.cpa)

Managing Partner

ROHLING helped us identify areas of weakness in our Sales Management and marketing strategy and educated us on how to utilize technology to get our message out to a new audience.  Having a measured approach to keep moving forward and accountable with our growth processes (even while dealing with a pandemic) with Tim’s assistance is of great value and we appreciate the efforts.

Aaron Stapleton

Trinity In-Home Care

Founder & CEO

ROHLING has been a vital piece of our growth in 2020. In the midst of a pandemic, ROHLNG helped Trinity In-Home Care reach and expand its thoughts on what marketing could be. Over the course of 6 months, ROHLING was able to completely refocus our marketing strategy and get our name out to the community in a way we had not been able to do in 9 years.

SMB Double-Digit Growth Testimonial

Transforming Sales Approaches

Developing Consistent Growth