H.U.M.A.N. Story

If only I could get the team to see my vision and understand the market. The team seems to be working hard, but, on what? Or are they?

I have asked myself these questions and continue to develop process for what truly motivates a team. Short answer, it is the concept of working for each other that creates meaningful, purposeful work through common goals. I had just taken over a team of 8 sales representatives selling consumable products.

I had 2 good performers, 4 middle of the road performers and 2 that needed to be coached up or coached out (arguably so did the middle performers). Sales were respectable, but, nowhere near our hopes. I thought that the missing link must be a lack of long-range goals and tactics to achieve the goal, a.k.a. strategic plan. As I later discovered, this was only a piece of the challenge. After months of selling the strategic plan concept internally I began to define our goals. With goals in place it was time to execute the day-to-day actions. Metrics were established for sales and operations.

It became all about the metrics, hit the metric goals and we were good. Miss the goals and you were hearing from me. While developing and tracking the science aspects of the business were critical and helped to shed light on those that did not want to participate, something was missing.

What could it possibly be? We have a plan and we are executing, but, still not hitting our growth goals. Growth is an organizational team sport. Succeed individually, dominate as a team (Marketing, Sales, Operations, Production through Delivery).

Day by day, week by week I worked with the team to build unity through the following:

  • Health Reviews: Understanding the data, pipeline, manage pipeline and define sales operations.

  • Uncovering Insights: Engage the team in the field. What happens in the field tends to stay in the field. Also, understand the internal and external demographic needs. Check in with strategic alignment.

  • Maximizing Opportunities: Define metrics that are meaningful for your team. Defined the process, alignment and sales plans. Define the team why and business why. Articulate repeatedly

  • Achieving Clarity: Articulating purpose and mission to business. Sustain weekly huddles / health checks. Hold one-on-one meetings / Individual assessments. Influence team engagement in fulfilling the why

  • Nurturing Growth: Caring and serving mindset / culture. Achieve measurable results as a team. Regularly revisiting strategic alignment.

This H.U.M.A.N approach to leadership and results is a blend of metrics/business science within a positive caring mindset that provides meaning, purpose and common goals. This is where truly sustained results are achieved.

8 months to 1 year into the process change began to occur. We went from flat or minimal growth to double digit monthly growth. At the one year point we had 7 out of 8 sales representatives over 20% growth for several months in a row (the Rep that was not at 20% was at 15%).

Results will vary based on your unique setting and commitment over time. That is why “the time is now to get ROHLING”.

Let’s continue the journey together.

Tim Rohling, President & CEO

Tim Rohling