Gender Diversity in Sales & Sales Management.

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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of talking to Ellen Voie, Founder & CEO of the Women in Trucking Association on The Growth Process Podcast (the link to Ellen's episode is at the end of this article). The mission of Women in Trucking is to bring gender diversity to transportation. What a great mission that they are successfully delivering. My conversation with Ellen prompted me to consider the status of gender diversity in the sales and sales management professions. 

Consider this snippet from Forbes, "Although women make up more than half of the global workforce, they represent fewer than one-third of all B2B sales and one-quarter of all B2B tech sales roles. And when it comes to the coveted top sales jobs, women hold only 12% of those positions. While gender diversity in B2B sales is severely lacking, company profits are nearly 50% higher when women are well-represented at executive levels. And when women lead sales teams, they deliver a higher win and quota attainment rates than their male counterparts." - Forbes Article, It’s Time To Crack The B2B Sales Gender Diversity Code, Full Article.

Gender Diversity in Sales 

A growing body of research suggests a positive correlation between gender diversity and sales growth. Companies that prioritize gender diversity tend to have better financial performance, including increased sales growth.

One reason for this correlation is that a diverse workforce can provide a variety of perspectives and ideas, which can lead to better decision-making and problem-solving. When women are included in leadership roles and decision-making processes, their unique perspectives and experiences can lead to more innovative and effective strategies.

Additionally, diverse companies tend to have better employee engagement and retention rates. When employees feel valued and included, they are more likely to be satisfied with their work, leading to better performance and increased sales.

Prioritizing gender diversity can have significant benefits for a company's bottom line, including increased sales growth.

Gender Diversity in Sales Management

Here are a few potential benefits of gender diversity in Sales Management: 

  1. Improved customer relations: Having a gender-diverse sales management team can help companies better understand their diverse customer base. This can lead to better communication and more vital ability to meet customer needs.

  2. Increased innovation: When there is gender diversity in sales management, different perspectives and experiences are brought to the table, which can lead to more innovative solutions and sales strategies.

  3. Better problem-solving: Gender diversity in sales management can lead to more effective problem-solving. With different backgrounds and experiences represented, sales teams can approach challenges from multiple angles and come up with more creative solutions.

  4. Enhanced employee satisfaction: Having a gender-diverse sales management team can help create an inclusive and supportive work environment. This can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to better sales results.

  5. Improved company reputation: A company that prioritizes gender diversity in its sales management team can improve its reputation and attract a more diverse customer base. This can lead to increased sales and greater market share.

Overall, gender diversity in sales management can bring a range of benefits to a company. By promoting gender diversity in sales leadership, companies can create a stronger sales team that is better equipped to meet the changing needs of their customers and drive sales growth.

Listen to Ellen's Episode of The Growth Process Podcast Here.

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